Radosveta Dimitrova

Docent of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Stockholm University


ERU-EADP/SECC Lunch Sessions The ERU (Early Researchers Union) at EADP (European Association of Developmental Psychology) and SECC (Student and Early Career Council at the SRCD) are collaborating on the planning of special lunchtime sessions which will give students and early career scholars the...

My latest book

10/01/2014 14:36
Dimitrova, R., & Bender, M., & van de Vijver, F. (2013). Global perspectives on well-being in immigrant families. NY: Springer. https://www.springer.com/social+sciences/book/978-1-4614-9128-6   Springer bookcontents.pdf (947881)      

Visitors notice

08/01/2014 18:15
Positive Youth Development (PYD) in the Context of the Global Recession https://www.srcd.org/meetings/2014-special-topic-meetings/3-positive-youth-development  
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